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This is perfect timing ! I have a question that I have been debating with myself for a week or so. I have an 11 month old just started puppy, she goes around sheep both ways, stops and calls off (most of the time). She has quite a bit of eye, it’s not bad once she is around the sheep. However, walking onto the field, she will get her eye on the sheep and left to her own devices it would just pull her straight toward the sheep, she rarely looks away. Would you do something to break her eye off the sheep at this point ? I don’t want a bigger problem later on by not addressing it but also it feels wrong to possibly discourage a young dog at this stage. Once I let her go, she does go around the sheep, although it’s tight she doesn’t seem to want to dive in. If this is better suited to a video lesson, I understand completely ! I can’t remember if it is addressed in the starting dogs course.

Thank you !