Excellent way to continuously learn at your own pace. I appreciate the flexibility to view the content as often as I wish. Tremendous amount of info available anytime you need it on the highly successful MacRae Way Academy training methods. Fantastic and enjoyable way to expand your training knowledge designed for both the beginning and experienced handler. I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to learn from some of the world’s best handler’s.

-Russell McCord

MacRae Way Academy is an amazing forum for sharing knowledge, wisdom and news about everything related to working sheepdogs.  As a  novice in the sheepdog world and a new sheep owner, I am finding the information invaluable.  It is a perfect adjunct to the online training series, clinics and lessons, at a very reasonable price.  Thank you for making this available!

-Mary Mackenzie

Just signed up for the Macrae Way Academy, a great resource for all things sheepdog . The access to the training videos is a no brainer for me. I have learned a lot from the MacRae’s system and look forward to learning much more!

-Bryan White

I can’t thank you enough for making this possible!  So many use violence instead of training and with this being so available people can see how to do it the right way!  I have been doing border collie rescue for 16 years and this is going to help people communicate better with their dogs!!!!

-Catherine Tucker

The MacRae Way Academy is a wonderful resource for experts as well as beginners!  I only get to train my dogs on sheep 4-5 times a month.  But by having unlimited premium access for an entire year, I can continue to learn about training sheepdogs even while in the city!  The videos are clear, concise, and well thought out.  I also enjoy the year long access to the material, so I don’t have to worry about my subscription running out when life gets busy!

-Jackie Bludworth

Well done on the Academy!  I am impressed!!

-Joane Unrau

The MacRae Way Academy is an essential addition to the already comprehensive offering of MW online courses that emphasize a positive, and proven, non-coercive approach.  From dog handling tips, video analysis of trial runs, handling strategies, interviews, articles-even tips for living with dogs, the Academy is not to be missed!  My personal favorite is trialing and judging tips.  There, we get detailed analysis of judging sheds and pens- essential for handlers and judges alike. The Academy is a panoply of over 100 videos, articles and sound recordings.

-Pam Helton

I am THRILLED I ordered your video.  It’s the best thing I have done for myself ever. Thank you for doing them. it’s giving me the boost I needed and it’s how I start my day.

-Christine Jobe

The MacRae Way is an excellent and entertaining insight into how two of the best trainers and handlers of sheepdogs work to shape the minds of their champion dogs. I found it very motivating as it breaks the training process down into enjoyable steps. It helped me bring the best out in my dogs in a way that they were very happy to respond to and I think that it would be an invaluable addition to anyone’s training program!

-Derek Fisher

Great project and right on target! This first installment is brimming with down-to-earth guidance. Watching it was a great reminder of the importance of considering each young dog individually. There were some real gems in there—loads of practical advice for trainers at any level. The extended video format offers such a clear view of the foundation of their method (a well proven one, as those of us who regularly compete against the MacRaes know all too well!) I’m looking forward to the next installment–I hope there are many more to come!

-Peg Anderson

The Macrae Way online video course is fantastic. It is not only full of valuable info on starting young dogs, it is has very valuable info on fixing problems with dogs already going. This video is the beginning of an entire training process. As proven time and again in all things a solid base and foundation is essential to build anything great that will stand the test of time –  just look at the pyramids.

Thanks so much for this video course and your willingness to share your vast experience and knowledge with us. Looking forward to the next step and courses in your very successful training system.

I would and have recommended this course to both beginners and experienced handlers alike.

-Geri Abrams

Thank you to the Macrae Way!

I have started 4 dogs since watching this series and it has made a world of difference in how they have come along. I have been training/starting dogs for close to 18 years and this series has made the most sense to me – the dogs are taught in such a way that they do the right thing from the start which imprints on them and carries over. The bonus is being able to watch it over and over and then train! Looking forward to the future series!

-Dee Penatzer

The starting young dogs video series was excellent for me as I am starting a young dog right now. I am the type of learner that needs to see what someone is talking about as well as having it explained. The MacRae Way video did both very well . Lots of little gems of wisdom in there. I would highly recommend this training video!

-James Hadley

The training series is tremendously helpful, even if you have been to many MacRae clinics. For my friends just starting out, there is nothing that will aid your understanding more than watching the series before and after attending a clinic.

I know I will be reviewing the series at every stage with my next dog. It’s wonderful to be able to see so many examples of the best approach for different types of dogs.

-Renee Newcomb

Thank you to the MacRae’s for sharing their wealth of knowledge with their online training series. It is such an excellent tool to have available. It allows me to watch the video (over and over) and then put the method to work out in the field, rather than using the “hit and miss” style. I have really enjoyed the series and hope that there will be more to come. I highly recommend the MacRae Way series!

-Michelle Prescott-Gudrian

I have been implementing the MacRae on line series to train my two young pups beginning with the “Starting a Young Dog” and now have moved on to the “Outrun Series”. I love that the MacRae method of training does not include harsh or negative corrections but rather shaping the dog by rewarding with the sheep and praise for a job well done or not. Just two weeks into the Outrun Series my young dogs are outrunning with purpose and depth behind the sheep. I highly recommend these series to anyone regardless of your handling level but especially for someone starting a young dog. I now go to the field with purpose and know I am doing the right thing for my dogs. I am looking forward to the next series “Driving” which I hope will be out soon. Thank you to the MacRae’s for sharing years of experience and knowledge of the working Border Collie.

-Anne Charlton

What a great way to stay engaged learning! With so many training days lost due to weather at this time of year, these video courses can keep you fresh and active. Good to see little differences in the dogs and how the method changes to suit them. There are lots of useful bits of information a viewer can be ready with the next time they take their dogs out to work.

-Mike Polites

If you want a clear and positive way to teach your dog Turnbacks, then order this online course! The teaching method is carefully structured, gradually increasing each element so that the handler and dog understand and, more importantly, enjoy every step. The MacRaes are known for their signature turnbacks. Watching this course can help handlers and dogs achieve that same level of competence and enthusiasm for this thrilling aspect of sheepdog trials.

-Jennifer Boznos

I wanted to start training turnbacks in February in case I would be fortunate enough to need them for the international in September. It is very important to me to train dogs a correct foundation so that if things go wrong anywhere I have the foundation principles to fall back on.The price of the turn back was initially off putting for me but when I considered the cost of not having the correct foundation I immediately made the purchase. When Alasdair talked about turning the dog over the inside shoulder I immediately knew I had made a good purchase. He talked about making things intuitive for the dog and that is exactly what I was looking for. When I turn them back I want them expecting where to find their sheep – Intuitive. I needed a system that I could clearly understand and thereby clearly communicate. This is IT.  Thanks very much for the help Alasdair and Patricia.

-Paddy Fanning

When I started to train the turn back on my dog Lad I realized I really didn’t know where to start.  My previous experience had taught be that the dog needed to know more than to turn over their shoulder and look back for sheep behind in the near distance.  I wanted what I had seen on the trial field!  The video not only helped me to understand what the finished product needed to be but also a direction on where to start and the progression to get what I wanted!  I still have work to do, but I now believe I know the steps.

-Tracy Hinton