Key Concepts

A Super Effective Exercise for developing Mental Fortitude and cool headedness in difficult situations
This video details a highly effective cone exercise to improve and develop your ability to read sheep
Our 4-step formula to effectively and intuitively develop the outrun, See Sheepdog Training> The Gather for next steps
This video details the first step of teaching the Drive, see Sheepdog Training > Driving for next steps
Our incredibly effective method for getting dogs to come in positive at the shed.See Sheepdog Training> The Shed for more
Important qualities that can be assessed when shifting ewes with lambs
This proven method for "reducing eye" has been especially effective for our own dogs including, my Max and Alasdair’s Tweed.
An analysis of Wisp’s flanks and shed.
An in depth analysis of how handling one aspect on the fetch can profoundly impact your dog's enthusiasm,enjoyment of work and performance at the trials.
Balance point is the foundation of the MacRae Way System and the key to helping your dog become the very best sheepdog he or she can be!
A detailed illustration of how to teach the "Lie Down" command off sheep with our 4 step formula, and an example of how to transfer it to sheep.
Working a single is both an excellent and important way to evaluate your dog.
Why introducing turnbacks when your dog is young will increase his enthusiasm, confidence and proficiency.
The lie down - how it helps you, help your dog at every stage.