Driving, flanks, pens, sheds, turnbacks

Watch: Training various young dogs under Foundation to learn how we apply our method  when starting to teach outruns, driving, flanks and sheds.

Videos pertaining to each category follow headers for:  Flanks, The Drive, The Shed, The Pen and The Turnback



With 5 variations, this is suitable for dogs just starting all the way to seasoned open dogs
Our super effective foundation method for squaring or shaping flanks. Dogs should be Nursery level or above
A super effective exercise for squaring flanks with dogs that are already positive drivers.
The “secret” to teaching this important phase of work.
A super effective cone exercise for shaping flanks at the shed, pen and turn at the post
This video explains 2 key commands we use exclusively at hand for experienced dogs.
This video details the first step of teaching the Drive, “The Follow”.
A super versatile driving exercise.
A highly effective cone exercise to ensure success at this very important aspect of the course (end of fetch and start of drive)
Our proven 6-step formula to effectively and intuitively teach pace to your dog while keeping him positive and confident.
A very effective exercise for all levels cross driving
This exercise will help your dog become more positive, confident and effective at pushing and applying pressure to sheep.
“In and Out of the Dusty Blue Bells” is highly effective for improving your dogs overall precision
This super effective driving exercise is designed to prepare for trials and intended for nursery-open level dogs.
This exercise is for squaring flanks and teaching dogs to drive straight line and then release, as you would at the trials.
This super effective cone exercise is designed for pushy, excitable dogs heading sheep on the drive
While a 'Key Concept' rather than 'Driving' Concept, this mental fortitude exercise can be extremely helpful for all experienced dogs
Our incredibly effective method for getting dogs to come in positive at the shed
a detailed analysis of the shed and pen in their winning run
“The Channel”, our 3 Step Exercise that develops the 5 essentials for success at setting up the shed.
Using teaching software, we analyze 3 critical aspects of Jim's single at the Steve Munson Memorial SDT
This video teaches you how and where to move your dog to stop the ribboned or marked sheep and still encourage the plain ones to go.
2 full length International Sheds from the Bluegrass with analysis, judging & discussion.
4 things to look for when working at hand -an analysis of Wisp’s flanks and shed.
Increase your dog's enthusiasm and confidence at the shed.
Alasdair analyzes a shed by Nell in slow motion.
A comprehensive armchair conversation with Alasdair on the principals and standards of shedding, as well as how we start instructing this important phase of work with our dogs.
Working a single is both an excellent and important way to evaluate your dog (shed).
How we compartmentalize the pen into 3 parts to increase success.
This video analyzes and discusses our approach to successfully penning with breaking range sheep at the Bluegrass and difficult fine wools in Colorado at the National. 
Why introducing turnbacks when your dog is young will increase his enthusiasm, confidence and proficiency.