Virtual Lessons with your Dog

Online Virtual Lessons: A valuable, convenient way to meaningfully improve your partnership, without needing to travel.  We both provide online lessons and they are $100 for the first half hour, $85 for each subsequent half hour.

If you would like an evaluation of your dog, discussion of next steps in your training, or need help with a problem  please film the area you need help with, run a course, or video a typical working session. We often review and critique trial runs as well. Trials runs should be shot as close to ‘on line’ as possible on a field where dog and sheep are both visible for 95% or more of the run.

The duration of the video is deducted from the lesson time (such that a 5 min video leaves 25 min for discussion in a 30 minute lesson). The video is watched and analyzed prior to the call and should be approximately 5-10 minutes in length  per 30 minute lesson (please do not exceed 10 minutes of video per 30 min lesson to be certain we have time for discussion).

We have teaching software that we sometimes use and if applicable, we’ll send you that video or screen shots  in advance of the call.

Also, please have the video available at the time of the call, so that specific time stamps may be referenced.

We do offer discussion lessons without videos, with topic identified in advance. These are via Zoom or phone and please email to confirm we can address your topic without video. Topics may include:

  • Designing a customized program to help you and your dog achieve your goals
  • Motivation
  • Mental aspect of trialing
  • Philosophy
  • Breeding
  • Purchasing a new dog or any number of other topics.

If you work by yourself here’ s a free video on how to film you and your dog:: 3 EASY STEPS TO FILM YOUR DOG, EVEN IF YOU’RE WORKING ON YOUR OWN


  • All videos must be made with camera or phone on a tripod to ensure quality.
  • Lessons are offered in 30 or 60 minute intervals and the length of the video is deducted from the discussion time, such that a 10 minute video, leaves 20 minutes for discussion in a 30 minute lesson.
  • If it’s your first lesson with us you may want to consider a 60 minute lesson to leave plenty of time for your questions.
  • Please have the video available at the time of the call so that specific time stamps may be referenced.
  • Please upload to YouTube and email us the link at
  • Please email us at to set up a time and for payment instructions.