Trial Runs, Tips, Judging and Analysis

We imported Ronnie 3 months ago and this is his 1st trip away from home with Alasdair running in Open Ranch.
Tweed's International Shed in 2022, his 3rd National Championship
a detailed analysis of the shed and pen in their winning run
Alasdair analyzes and narrates strategy and performance of his and Tweed's winning DL run
Analysis and judging of this important component of trials
Alasdair judges and analyzes Patricia’s run with Nell at the NC State Championship.
Alasdair analyzes and details the running styles, point deduction, sheep reading and effectiveness of four fetches.
Alasdair judges and analyzes 3 drives at the NC State Championship
Alasdair judges a dozen competition style sheds.
Alasdair judges and analyzes Patricia and Jim at the NC State Championships.
2 full length International Sheds from the Bluegrass with analysis, judging & discussion.
This video includes their full runs for these 18 month old dogs, including analysis and next steps in their training.
Alasdair analyzes and judges his and Tod’s pen, from the Happy Hollow Trial.
In this 30 minute video Alasdair analyzes his and Bill's winning run from Blue Grass Classic Double Lift Final.
Using teaching software we analyze 3 critical aspects of Jim's single at the Steve Munson Memorial SDT.
Alasdair reflects and analyzes his pen and shed from the Cedar Stone SDT
Alasdair discusses and explains why the 10 points for the lift are important.