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Our passion is to increase the mutual understanding & bond between sheepdog handlers and their dogs; our proven methodology is based on our dogs natural instinct to want to get to balance point and our system is rooted in making a connection with our dog instead of a correction. 

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This section contains videos pertaining to all aspects of training sheepdogs, from those just starting to top open dogs. Videos range from 3.00-35.00 minutes
This section contains information about how we keep our dogs confident and positive in their work, while effective at competition, as well as how you can maximize you and your dogs performance at trials.
Here we share videos, podcasts, trial news and anecdotes about great dogs of the past and present- all the news that’s fit to print!
A Forum for Premium members to ask questions and share information
This section contains articles, interviews, and studies pertaining to the care and management of sheep and goats.
Tips and advice on how to raise a happy working partner who is nice to live with on and off sheep. Puppy raising tips, multi-dog management, and general care – it’s all about the dogs!