Training Tess, Part 1

Tess is 14 months old at the start of the video and this chronicles the development of the outrun, teaching flanks, beginning to follow and a super effective technique to encourage a young dog to cover the side they don’t prefer. Tess is a half sister to Haig, who we featured under Foundation as well as Sheepdog Training a month ago, (Training Haig)

While he  was doing small courses at a 1 year old, Tess is not nearly as far forward.  It’s important to take the time it takes, and train at the speed that allows your dog to develop a solid foundation. That may not look the same, even for brother and sister.  It’s not how quickly a dog trains at the start but how a dog completes training that is important.
There’s invaluable reward to helping your young dog develop the fundamentals that empower him to be the best he can be.

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