The 3 C’s : The key to your success at the next trial!

The 3 C’s…Could be the key to YOUR success at the next trial!

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Doing consistently well at competition requires training. In addition to preparing your dog, you also need to be prepared. The most successful handlers follow the 3 C’s every time they step to the post:

  • Concentration
  • Calm
  • Confidence

1. Concentration:  Staying in the moment is critical-and can be a challenge, both when things are going well and when things are going not so well. For tips, be sure to read the insightful Premium Article: The Mental Aspect of Trialing

2. Calm: Calm is a trait that is a result of staying in the moment (see above!) Compartmentalizing is key. Don’t look forward and get overwhelmed. Focus on each aspect as it happens. Because we break down each phase of work into 3-4 steps in training in our MacRae Way Courses, our method helps your mind to concentrate and remain calm.

3. Confidence: If you have prepared your dog and yourself, you need to believe in both. You have the power to bring out your infinite potential, you just need to take action!

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