Haig : Nursery at the Bluegrass 123

In this video, I analyze my run with Haig in Nursery at the Bluegrass Classic. This trial offers 4 nurseries;  a great opportunity to get young dogs on the tricky terraced field and testing sheep.

Unfortunately, our first run wasn’t videoed; there was lots to discuss and critique, as it was a mess! . But as is so often the case with young dogs, Haig progressed quickly, he got a qualifying leg each of the other 3 runs, including a  win.

This was our 3 rd trial, we had 1 day in GA and  1 day in NC and then the Bluegrass. Because the filming is off to the side, it doesn’t give the opportunity to properly judge, but Alasdair filmed Haig at Tabletop SDT and I’ll ask him to judge that run and post it shortly. Haig qualified in 3 of the 4 nurseries there also (I walked off on the fetch with a running group in Nurs 2) including another win. Very pleased he’s starting to work at the trials as he does at home.