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Hello! super sorry for the delay, we have been traveling and I missed this, my sincere apologies.

To get light sheep quieter, try driving the sheep in a circle with more experienced dogs.

The Circle-A versatile and excellent driving exercise

Additionally doing figure 8’s quite far up the field (in front you by 200 yards or more if possible) and if you can, make a concerted effort to NOT fetch sheep (instead putting the dog all the way around and calling off) It sounds like you have enough sheep you could do fetching and outruns with a quieter group.
From a running style perspective, a stop and flank style is often more suitable and therefore your dog with less eye may run a similar style. Also dogs with eye like to stay in contact and if sheep are super light and require dogs to work far off, this may actually be more difficult for dogs with a bit of eye. Hope this helps and again, sorry for missing it!!

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