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Thank you so much for offering this forum. I’m curious about the Macrae opinion on “putting dogs up” and not training for a period of time. I have often heard other trainers espouse this. Are there any disadvantages to this approach for a strong type of pup/dog that handles a correction well, with no sulking or loss of a keen approach? In the started dog video, I believe I recall that the Macrae method will typically start dogs between 8-18 months, and I think I recall Alisdair recommending training a strong, keen type of pup 3 times a day, and for less keen pups, less often. Is it better to train a very confident and strong pup earlier (around 8-10 months of age) before it is fully matured, or does waiting to train that kind of dog help or hinder progress? Of course, I am speaking within the context of training the pup with the Macrae way system. Hope that question made sense!