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Hi Helen!
Here are 10 considerations we look at when considering a stand. Please let me know if you’d like me to expound on any of them. Hope you and dogs are well. cheers,

Lie down versus stand, considerations:
Dogs are more likely to cheat on a stand, this can be a problem and lead to your dog “blowing you off” at distance or at a sensitive situation at hand.

its often more difficult to put a good lie down on a dog that’s been allowed to stand rather than vice versa

Harder to put a dog that stands, on a stay command that works as well as a stay command on a dog lying down.

If you have a lie down and your dog has a lot of eye, it can make him even more Sticky.
This dog a good Candidate for a stand.

A lie down can be disturbing at hand if the dog flops down hard.

If your dog is willful or pushy, he sounds like a candidate for a lie down.

Does your young dog dive past you every time you try to catch him?
This is just enthusiasm, probably need a lie down but this is not necessarily an indicator of what will best suit in once he’s trained.

Is your dog a team player?If yes, he would be a good candidate for a stand.

Does your dog have a lot of eye?…..does he wait to move until the sheep do?, is he cautious or careful? Good candidate for a stand.

10. Finally, consider the parents, their working style, if they were willful or easily handled, had a lot or a little eye, etc.