Dogs for sale

We believe matching the handler to the dog is one of the most important considerations when selling a dog.

Alasdair’s ability to identify and search out winning teams is unparalleled.

Because we believe matching the handler to the right dog is vital, we offer a one month trial on all dogs (except puppies) and if you would like a trial period, a contract must be signed in advance.

A trial gives the handler an opportunity to make certain the dog suits their work needs and style, fits into their household and kennel as well as satisfy any health exams they wish to perform. The terms of the trial are quite straight forward and are as follows:

The buyer has total responsibility for the dogs welfare and expenses from the point when he/she leaves our care. Dogs must be paid for in full prior to the trial start date with wire transfer, cash or cashier’s check.

If anything should happen to the dog from the moment he/she leaves our care to begin the trial period, the buyer is solely responsible, must pay for the dog in full, and will not be refunded any money. This includes, but not limited to any of the following prior to purchase:  injury, illness, changing the dogs whistles/commands, breeding the dog or action that has a detrimental impact on the physical or mental welfare of the dog.

All tests that are performed are at the expense of the buyer. If during testing, a preexisting condition is found, we must be notified and the responsibility is ours to determine the course of action and treatment. At any time during the 30 day trial period, the dog may be purchased or returned to us. We are more than happy to take the dog back for any reason and must be in the exact condition he/she left our care. We would much rather have him or her back than in the wrong situation. If you do wish to return the dog, it must be done promptly and at no expense or inconvenience to us.

The importance of the trial is paramount . It is not only to make certain that you have every opportunity to evaluate the dog and are excited about him or her but moreover, to make certain the dog is in the right home. It is only if you are absolutely certain the dog is a good and suitable partner, that we are certain the dog will have a happy life! 

Please e-mail  to inquire about dogs for sale.