Office Hours 3/6/24

  • 3/6/24 Topics

  • How the relationship with your dog off sheep can impact your relationship on sheep, including, Can your trial dog live in the house; Spoiler: YES!
  • Numerous specific judging questions including, blind fetches, pulling back through drive gate, over commanding , Dq’s and many more
  • Should you widen a very tight outrun on a dog with a bit of eye?



Office Hours 1/31/24

Office Hours 1/31/24 Topics

  • A lot of your questions have been about what we work on with our own dogs and in this Office Hours we chat about what we do and why, how we determine our training objectives, how we alter our training for open dogs after the National until March as well as discuss the mental side of training. We also reference Academy videos demonstrating our practice.

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Office Hours 12/12/23

  • 12/12/23 Topics:
  • Can you suggest exercises or a particular approach that will help me , help my dog to hold a pressure/put pressure on sheep (as we saw was so necessary at the National)
  • There is a tremendous difference between training and handling our dogs. Is there a better way to become a better handler?

  • I’m especially interested in how to read dogs and I read your article “if you listen, your dog will tell you”. Can you talk more about this?

  • Do you have training tips for a loose-eyed dog? Are there any exercises for increasing eye, or is that even desirable? What “tendencies” will a loose-eyed dog have compared to a strong-eyed dog?

  • I read where you helped correct a flat top by correcting the flank. How do you get your dog to turn their head out and give a good flank?…these question and more+ we gave away Free stuff, Merry Christmas everyone!!

Office Hours 11/15/23

  • 11/ 15/ 23 Topics:
    • Should one worry too much / How do you deal with a young pup that keeps looking back at the handler?  What cause a dog to be master conscience and what is ‘the bubble’?

    • I’ve always been told “ don’t take the push out too soon as it’s hard to put it back in”, How do you balance letting a young dog come on and then having them pace up, without causing stress in the youngster and or not getting good stops?

    • When starting a young dog, you recommend a gruff voice with a verbal, such as Steady or Time, to try to slow the dog down a bit or put a better pace on them.  What do you recommend if my gruff voice has no impact on my dog and he continues to push the sheep very hard right at me/into me and then past me?

    • The 1st packet of sheep have come through the fetch panel and been dropped. While the dog is gathering the 2nd set, the first set wanders off and ends up on the high side of the fetch panels. Both sets are joined by the dog and all 20 pass through the fetch panels. How is this scored?

    • Patricia,Can you talk about EYE , how it impacts a dog’s performance?  What amount of eye is ideal? How can you tell how much eye a dog has?

Office Hours


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