May Office Hours

Topics for 5/1 included:

  • How to best balance work and competition (depending on the dog) to make sure they are sharp enough but not stale?
  • When introducing young sheep/non-dog broke sheep to both an experienced dog and a novice dog, how would you go about it?
  • It was really really interesting and extremely useful getting the insights on comparative handling of Cheviots and Blackies, could Alasdair also comment on handling Scotch Mules and Texel Crosses and also Swales?
  • Patricia, in earlier office hours you spoke about different kinds of eye specifically dogs that look at sheep and can be slow walking up, those that boar into the  sheep and those that flanks excessively and those that hold their head up. Can you talk more about each type and if you or Alasdair have had dogs with these traits?
  • How to best mentally overcome what appears to be not the best of starts eg dog needing a whistle to bend out on outrun, or sheep bolting madly off-line before the dog has got there which is going to then need the packet smoothed back to the line?