Office Hours 12/12/23

  • 12/12/23 Topics:
  • Can you suggest exercises or a particular approach that will help me , help my dog to hold a pressure/put pressure on sheep (as we saw was so necessary at the National)
  • There is a tremendous difference between training and handling our dogs. Is there a better way to become a better handler?

  • I’m especially interested in how to read dogs and I read your article “if you listen, your dog will tell you”. Can you talk more about this?

  • Do you have training tips for a loose-eyed dog? Are there any exercises for increasing eye, or is that even desirable? What “tendencies” will a loose-eyed dog have compared to a strong-eyed dog?

  • I read where you helped correct a flat top by correcting the flank. How do you get your dog to turn their head out and give a good flank?…these question and more+ we gave away Free stuff, Merry Christmas everyone!!